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COVID-19: How Disruption Is Driving Consumer Transformation

Almost two months into the COVID-19 crisis, Americans remain deeply concerned about their uncertain futures. Even as life sits on pause and consumers become better adapted to their locked-down lifestyles, marketers and brands still need to continuously monitor consumer sentiment and refresh their strategies to help consumers navigate through the now – and the next.

In this webinar, the third in our COVID-19: What's Next for Consumers & Brands series, GfK draws on the latest wave of data from its benchmark study of the current crisis – the Coronavirus Consumer Pulse – and provides context through our longitudinal Consumer Life trend research. This invaluable session explores

  • major consumer trends that are being reinforced by the crisis
  • habits and attitudes that are undergoing fundamental shifts
  • how these developments will shape physical and digital lifestyles – and the types of products and services consumers will seek out in the future


Webinar Series - COVID-19: What's Next for Consumers and Brands 

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New Insights for a Changing Consumer Landscape

Reaction to the COVID-19 virus is upending markets and consumer behavior everywhere. To help you understand where we are – and what might be coming next -- GfK experts share their latest insights. This session answers such key questions as:

  • How is consumer behavior evolving over the course of the crisis?
  • What do consumers expect from brands in this new environment?
  • How is this experience impacting attitudes generally?
  • Which behaviors seem more likely to become established?

Shopping During the Pandemic: How COVID-19 Is Transforming FMCG Buying Behavior

GfK’s National Shopper Lab – representing 96 million grocery and drug store shoppers – provides a near-real-time window on the effects of the Coronavirus at the cash register. In this session, we explore how this transformation is playing out in key FMCG categories – and what the implications may be for brand trial and loyalty.