White paper: Keeping shoppers loyal

An inventory of FMCG loyalty card programs in Europe

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Shopper loyalty cannot be taken for granted – but needs to be fostered. Now more than ever before. A loyalty card program is a key tool to achieve this. Of course, there are other means to encourage shoppers’ spend. But with a knowledge of an individual’s shopping preferences and a direct communication channel, the potential of loyalty cards can hardly be overestimated. Technical developments such as apps and combined services like mobile payment have additionally driven things and indicate that the landscape remains in motion.

Recent observations have shown that loyalty cards are now available in distribution channels that had been untouched territory until few years ago. And with the entire world cutting cut down on plastic, we even observed some loyalty card pioneers doing with a digital-only version.

With Corona virus measures sparking certainly the interest in contactless handling at the checkout, retailers are well-advised to think of loyalty card programs in a holistic way. To provide facts and food for thought for your loyalty card strategy, we have compiled household panel data and market intelligence from 19 countries across Europe.

In this paper you find the big picture of FMCG loyalty card programs across Europe, enriched with featured focus countries and expert opinions. Enjoy!

Interested in ´How to keep shoppers loyal´? This white paper gives you the insights.