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"The new financial service paradigm: Top trends in consumer finance, in mature markets"

The financial services industry has never before been faced with such disruption and opportunity for change. A new class of companies are leveraging technology that actively engages with, and supports, these changing consumer behaviours – and thereby providing services that are challenging the traditional players in Banking, Payments and Insurance.

Understanding the underlying consumer trends that are driving this change in the financial sector is crucial - especially to you, as marketers who hold an important role in the development of this industry.
GfK has worked with countless organizations to understand the financial sector globally. 
Access this on-demand webinar to explore some rising trends and what they mean for your brands. We will answer key questions that marketers are asking:

·         Where is the financial services industry headed, and which players are poised to succeed?
·         What does the new financial service paradigm look like?
·         How can research insights highlight where and how my organization can succeed?
·         What are some examples of successful innovation in financial services?