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On-Demand Learning Session 
Attracting high-value tire service customers:

A fresh approach

A turnkey method for tire shops of every size

Service is a huge part of most tire-shop’s business – and we know that not all repair customers are created equal. Those $29 oil changes can bring in a lot of new faces, but they may not be driving profit in the long run.

Join the Tire Industry Association (TIA) and research company GfK as they uncover the latest methods for identifying the most profitable vehicles in your POS system and in your local marketing area – and drive them into your bays more often.

In this session, we’ll cover the “how” and “why” around:

  • Using fresh methods to increase sales and profit margins
  • Identifying and attracting high-value customers
  • Moving from mass marketing to target marketing
  • Competing against big-box stores and dealerships
  • Attracting the luxury, EV and other prospective consumers

The truth is that you don’t need to be a “numbers geek” to elevate your business in 2022; you just need to decide that better is possible!


Dave Zielasko_1 (1)  Dave Zielasko  |  VP, Marketing and Communications, TIA



Neil Portnoy_1  Neil Portnoy  |  Managing Director, POS Tracking (Tires – US), GfK

Dave Stevens_1  Dave Stevens  |  Vice President, POS Tracking (Tires – US), GfK