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COVID-19: Reshaping the way we live and do business

Learn about health challenges and motives why consumers are concerned about their health and what it means for the market.

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COVID-19 has made health and well-being the top priority for many people. Today, consumers’ increasing focus on their well-being and their growing urge to take control of it has brought significant lifestyle and attitude shifts since the outbreak. 

People focus on their health for various reasons: either they feel compelled to do so because they suffer from one or more health challenges, or they focus on their health because they choose a healthy or mindful lifestyle.

Catch the webinar for the latest insights on health and well-being trend in general, know different consumer types, how they deal with healthy lifestyle topics and how this is reflected in their behavior.

In this webinar, you can take away:

  • The big consumer trends and market disruptors that should guide your innovation;
  • The messages that will resonate with different target audiences;
  • How consumers' moods and  priorities are evolving, how this may impact major product categories.

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