On-demand GfK Webinar

How COVID-19 is impacting distribution markets globally

The facts and intelligence to support your distribution and supply chain decisions.

In these unprecedented times, let us help you make sense of what is happening in distribution in the tech and durables sector, and what that will mean at the point of sale so you have a solid basis for decision-making.

Since the onset of the Coronavirus crisis, we’ve seen supply chains hit hard by production slow-downs, shut-downs, and border closures. However, after a disappointing February, distributor sales in March were strong, exceeding the same period last year. Although demand from traditional retail fell 4% globally, online retail demand is growing and is driving a bounce-back.

As everyone is forced to stay at home, demand for devices that support working, living and entertaining in the confines of four walls is high. As a result, resellers and retailers are buying items such as headsets and smartphones, broadband sticks and TVs.

In this 30-minute webinar, our expert provides hard facts like these with the business intelligence to interpret how the COVID-19 lockdowns have impacted global distribution markets, consumer purchases and retail to date, and what this means for your business.

Join us to hear what our expert said.