Drive ecomm success 2023

Optimize eComm 2023

Taking eComm success to the next level

How cutting-edge content helps products stand out

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Today’s eCommerce “shelves” are cluttered with competing SKUs – so what does it take to stand out and connect with online shoppers?

In this Optimize eComm 2023 session, the experts at GfK Etilize will share the most effective ways to “wow” consumers and convert views to sales. Learn how to raise your content game with smart, innovative tactics – and put these ideas into practice with minimum hassle.

In this video, we’ll cover:

  • 5 product content tactics – from 360 views to AR – that are engaging shoppers and driving sales
  • The fastest and most practical ways to update your product content
  • Common challenges facing online shoppers, and the solutions available
  • How to engage, excite, and convert customers

Tune in as our experts dive into each approach and help you reshape your eCommerce game to connect with the 2023 consumer. 

Download the full video: