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Do you remember this meeting the other day when your boss asked you why market shares had dropped in the last quarter and you wished you had a fact-based answer - but you didn’t, as you couldn’t go beyond sales data?

Those days are gone with the GfK Consumer Insights Engine, the first analytics solution to connect sales data with market research, behavioural data and advanced analytics in a single integrated platform – giving you on-demand access to actionable insights that drive smarter, faster business decisions.

In this webinar, we discuss and showcase how the GfK Consumer Insights Engine helps you answer your key business questions such as:

  • Which touchpoints should you invest in?
  • What consumer needs drive the start of the purchase cycle?
  • Which retailers should a manufacturer partner with and vice versa?
  • Who are your lost shoppers and why did they purchase elsewhere?

This webinar is highly relevant to anyone who is responsible for driving growth in fiercely competitive tech and consumer durables categories – like marketing, sales, product, category management, operations, pricing or data intelligence teams.

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