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Rethinking brand purpose: lessons from the crisis for the future

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The global pandemic has reshaped the way consumers live, work and play. It has also affected the way they interact with brands. According to GfK’s global consumer survey, 75% of consumers are paying attention to whether brands are acting as a force of good during this time.

For brands, what were the lessons learned in responding to the crisis and shifts in consumer expectations and preferences? What are the factors driving brands to rethink their purpose and customer loyalty in the new abnormal? What are the opportunities for brands to grow and differentiate themselves coming out of the crisis? How can brands act as a force for good?

Access the Campaign Asia and GfK on demand webinar as we bring together a panel of industry experts from leading brands to discuss:

  • Rethinking brand purpose and stories: In an age of uncertainty, it’s key to communicate with consumers in a genuine way. How should brands craft authentic narratives that reveal brand purpose and values?
  • Building innovative brand experiences: The customer of today is omnichannel. How should marketers identify existing touchpoints while also creating new channels to engage and delight consumers in the new abnormal?
  • Measuring brand value impact and growth: Balancing the short and long-term is always a challenge during economically turbulent times. How should brands map their brand growth and brand positioning strategies?

Meet your speakers:

webinar image-Nov-23-2020-04-53-05-91-AM

and Christie Lee, Senior Content Producer, Campaign Asia as the moderator.

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