The New Faces of Techno-Mobility

A GfK AutoMobility™ and Consumer Life Webinar

The New Faces of Techno-Mobility

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From electric vehicles to in-car wifi, technology is driving every conversation about automotive innovation. But are mainstream consumers -- especially the next generation of car buyers -- ready to embrace these super-hyped devices and services? What do these technologies need to leap beyond the "early adopter" crowd? 

View this online learning session that reveals new research and insights from GfK AutoMobility™ and GfK Consumer Life, and zeros in on the technologies that are poised to transform the auto marketplace. 

Our experts will explore:

  • Barriers that could slow mainstream EV acceptance
  • The roles of sustainability and green thinking in EV growth – present and future
  • Expectations and desires of Gen Z (ages 14 to 22) – the next key generation of car intenders
  • Smart technologies that likely car buyers consider “must-haves” today – from in-car voice assistants to autonomous driving

This discussion will be led by Julie Kenar (SVP, GfK AutoMobility™) and Eric Wagatha (Head, GfK Consumer Life, North America).

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