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If you know
how lockdown has changed home tech needs, you can unlock your brand's potential

GfK webinar series

Leveraging the new home tech landscape: A guide to consumers' changing minds

On-demand webinar

In 2020, tech and home life took on even greater importance for consumers – and brands need to refresh their insights and strategies to keep pace. In this all-new session, the trend experts at GfK Consumer Life will explore their latest findings on a host of central issues related to smart home and other devices and services. Topics will include:

  • how smart speakers and other AI devices are becoming part of everyday life – or being left on the shelf
  • beliefs and desires that should inform brand strategy around smart home
  • how lifestyle trends and the pandemic of 2020 are inspiring consumers to reimagine life at home

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Covering over 30 countries, GfK Consumer Life is the longest-running and most comprehensive study on changing values and lifestyles around the world. Since 1973 in the US, and since 1997 globally, Consumer Life has defined and anticipated new consumer opportunities and emerging needs.

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