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With stores reopening, it’s crunch-time for businesses to plan how they recover lost revenue. But consumers’ purchase habits changed radically during lockdown and new patterns are emerging almost weekly.  

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GfK Coronavirus Recovery Atlas:
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Our latest in-depth, far-reaching report of market insights, commentary and forward projection for the global TCG market. It is richly illustrated with 34 data charts and tables, showing current market dynamics and future developments for EMEA and APAC.

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GfK Shopper Navigator

React quickly and secure future business in today's highly unpredictable environment with FMCG shopper insights


React quickly and secure future business in today's highly unpredictable environment with Shopper Navigator, a unique suite of tools comprised of Consumer Panel purchase data and consumer insights. We'll help you navigate through all phases of the crisis, from short term, tactical decisions to long term strategy and forecasting.

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GfK Coronavirus Crisis Sales Radar

Nine country spotlights to give you all the essential data from the last seven days - fast
10th edition available now


Your indispensable weekly view of the key tech and durables category movers, so you know what’s happening and why from the last 7 days. Using our unparalleled weekly Point of Sales market intelligence, each weekly report covers UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan, Brazil and China.

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We update this page constantly with weekly point of sales market intelligence, unparalleled consumer intelligence on attitudes, buying behaviors and retail performance, and brand performance monitoring connecting consumer perception and market performance.

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UAE: Impact of COVID-19 on cooking categories

15.07.2020, News
Based on GfK Point of Sales tracking, weekly volume sales via online channel for Food Preparation recorded strong double-digit growth during weeks 14-17. The corresponding monthly online sales had quadrupled in April this year compared to the year before. Find out more about the impact of the pandemic on cooking categories in UAE.

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Global webinar: GfK Expert panel - The post-lockdown economy

30.06.2020, Webinar recording
Sign up for this on-demand-webinar to get an exclusive insight on how purchasing patterns and retail strategies have changed post-lockdown from the brand new GfK Recovery Report.

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LatAm Webinar: Master The Crisis in Latin America

29.06.2020, Webinar recording
COVID-19 has changed everything. In this learning session, GfK’s Gisela Pougy and Eunha Choi explore the different stages of the crisis. From panicking for essential needs, to adapting to the “in-home experience,” and now to the “new normal,” consumers are challenged by constantly evolving scenarios of how to live, work and socialize.

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US webinar: Taking brands to the next level: Activism, anxiety, and the new consumer marketplace

25.06.2020, Webinar recording
For consumers and brands alike, it has become hard to imagine everyday life without upheaval. COVID-19 has devastated economies around the world, and fervent protests for social justice have erupted, tapping into deep veins of frustration and anger. In this troubled landscape, how do brands chart a path forward – to relevance, survival, and success? GfK brings together a panel of thought leaders and industry observers – including Ad Age editor Jack Neff and longtime Colgate Palmolive brand executive Marc Somnolet -- to consider where brands of all kinds go from here.

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Netherlands webinar: Consumer behaviour and attitude: beyond the panic phase?

Take part in the webinar of GfK on June 25th at 11.00 hours.

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US News: 73% of African Americans have seen brands act as “a force for good” during protests -- GfK

23.06.2020, Press release
Racial equality protests sweeping the country are inspiring brands to take a fresh look at their commitments to diversity – and new research from GfK shows that consumers are paying close attention to these moves. Just-released insights from GfK’s Consumer Pulse show that 58% of all US consumers – and 73% of African American consumers – say they have seen companies acting as “a force for good” during the protests. Proportions of all US consumers are also high among those living in Large Urban Metropolises (74%) and consumers who have children under 18 (69%).

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US webinar: A roundtable on COVID-19 and What’s Next for Tire Retail

22.06.2020, Webinar recording
We all know that the Coronavirus crisis has turned everyday life upside down – and the independent tire channel has seen its share of lightning-fast change. But now that the lockdowns are slowly being relaxed, what will come next for the tire marketplace? Is tire retail prepared for the next phase of recovery – and the changing needs and concerns of consumers? The Tire Industry Association (TIA) and GfK host an all-new, data-driven discussion of today’s independent tire channel – and how to prepare for tomorrow.

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US webinar: Reopening America: What Consumers Need in order to Feel Safe

18.06.2020, Webinar recording
While America is phasing back into business as usual after the worst of the recent COVID-19 crisis, many people remain on edge about their health and safety. Though many public spaces have the green light to open throughout the country, Americans are actually getting more nervous about what the future holds as the pandemic fallout continues and thoughts of a next wave loom. MRI-Simmons shares fresh insights from their June COVID-19 Tracking study.

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Germany: In the Eye of the Storm: Corona Shutdown in Economy and Society - Part 6

17.06.2020, Webinar
Target groups – Changes in shopping behavior

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GfK webinar – FMCG Outlook How to navigate ahead of the new normal

17.06.2020, Webinar
Learn where the market is headed and how it´s being altered by COVID-19.

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Spain webinar: New. Next. Never. Normal. Conscious Consumption in the COVID-19 era

Webinar on 17.06.2020
During the web conference we´ll analyze how the trend of conscious consumption influences the consumers, as well as its impact on sales of technological consumer goods and entertainment in Spain and in other countries affected by the Coronavirus.

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US News: Latest MRI-Simmons COVID-19 Study Reveals Dramatic Changes in American Attitudes and Behavior

15.06.2020, Press release
Among its many findings, the latest MRI-Simmons COVID-19 study revealed increases in the number of Americans who feel “Nervous” as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as those who claim they will be a lot more cautious in what they do and how they do it going forward. The study also revealed concerns amongst consumers around personal privacy, as technologies like contact tracing are considered to fight COVID-19.

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US News: Over half of US consumers say brands will need to communicate differently in post-COVID world

08.06.2020 Press Release
When US consumers emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, how should brands talk to them? New GfK research – conducted within the past two weeks – shows that a slim majority (55%) of Americans believe that brands will need to adopt a new set of concerns and messages in the post-virus world.

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UK: Consumer Confidence down two points to -36

05.06.2020, Press release
UK Consumer Confidence has decreased by two points over the past two weeks. Only the ‘Major Purchases’ measure saw an increase.

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Germany webinar: The "new normal": Consumer behaviour and consumer trends in times of Corona

04.06.2020, Webinar recording
Find out how COVID-19 affects buying behavior and consumer trends in the future and receive recommendations on how to #MasterTheCrisis.

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Spain: COVID-19: comparative of European markets

04.06.2020, Infographic
The main markets around us are showing signs of recovery. In some cases, growing significantly in value over the last few weeks, will Spain reach similar levels in the coming periods?

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Singapore: Consumer sentiments, behavior and consumption patterns during the Circuit Breaker

04.06.2020, Study
An online study was conducted by GfK Singapore among 477 of their Digital Trends Measurement panelists to uncover the sentiments, behavior and consumption patterns of Singaporeans during the COVID-19 circuit breaker.

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US webinar: Preparing for the Next Normal: A Roundtable on Consumers and COVID-19

04.06.2020 Webinar recording
Returning to pre-COVID ways of being now seems less and less likely – so what will the “next normal” look like? Join GfK and MRI-Simmons experts for a presentation and panel discussion on what we know about consumers today – and what it may tell us about life tomorrow.

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Germany: GfK webinar – In the eye of the storm part 5

03.06.2020, Webinar
Outside and in-house market in the times of Corona.

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Pakistan: Impact of COVID-19 on retailer sentiments in Pakistan

02.06.2020, Study
According to a retailer sentiment survey for independent stores conducted by GfK across the six major cities of Pakistan, the one common major challenge faced by majority (80%) of the retailers is managing operational costs.

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US News: US tire retail market continues to surge back, posting strongest sales week of 2020

01.06.2020 Press Release
The Coronavirus may have put a dent in US tire retail sales – but preliminary data from GfK’s point-of-sale (POS) tracking show that the industry is recovering with surprising speed and strength.
Using a Leader Panel of over 350 tire retail outlets, GfK is capturing weekly sales data from the independent channel, helping to define the impact of COVID-19 on a marketplace that generates over $18 billion in sales annually.

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Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates: Impact of COVID-19 on optical retailers in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

02.06.2020, Study
GfK conducted a retailer sentiment study among independent optical stores in UAE and KSA to understand the key challenges they faced and measures they have taken amidst the global crisis.

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Algeria: Impact of COVID-19 on retailer sentiments in Algeria

02.06.2020, Study
According to a retailer sentiment survey for independent stores conducted by GfK in Algeria, the one common major challenge faced by 51 percent Telecom retailers and 47 percent of TCG stores is stock shortage.

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US News: During pandemic, US shoppers have high expectations of retail outlets

28.05.2020, Press release
The Coronavirus crisis is a time when online and in-person retailers can win new fans among anxious consumers – or deliver disappointments that may resonate well beyond the pandemic. New research in GfK’s Consumer Pulse series – which has been tracking people’s reactions to COVID-19 for the past two months – shows that shoppers are expecting retailers to step up with added services and precautions during this difficult time.

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Morocco: COVID-19 impact on retailer sentiments in Morocco

28.05.2020, News
Retailers globally have all been hit hard by the imposition of containment measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in their local markets. In Morocco, a state of medical emergency was declared on 19 March, with nationwide curfew in effect since 20 March. Learn more about how the pandemic is impacting retailers in the country from our recent retailer sentiment survey.

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Australia: Shopping Reimagined

28.05.2020, Blog
In our recent webinar, we talked about the need for businesses, through the recovery phase, to reconsider their fulfillment strategies. This anecdote, and our data points, strongly suggests that changes to fulfillment strategy will be a key part of how businesses grow through the recovery. Online channels will no doubt be a more significant part of the mix in the future.

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Germany: Consumer climate in Germany recovers slightly after COVID-19 shock

27.05.2020, Press release
Consumers in Germany have recovered somewhat in May following the shock triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Both economic and income expectations, as well as propensity to buy, are on a slight increase.

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Poland: Corona mood

25.05.2020, Report
Report about impact of Covid 19 on behavior of consuments

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UK: no bounce back yet for UK Consumer Confidence

22.05.2020, Press release
UK Consumer Confidence decreased one point overall in the first half of May. However, confidence in personal financial situations for the next 12 months improved by 2 points, as did whether now is a good time to make major purchases. Confidence in the general economy worsened one point.

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US webinar: Media Planning and Psychographics in the age of COVID-19

21.05.2020, Webinar recording
With revenues declining and budgets squeezed in the wake of COVID-19, marketers are tasked with reaching target consumers through shrinking media channels, while understanding consumer attitudes and drivers of behavior. In these unprecedented times, psychographic measurement has never been more important to inform messaging strategies that will resonate with people in their "new normal" environment. In this webinar, we share findings from MRI-Simmons’ latest COVID-19 consumer study.

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Russia: Curing the major health issue during COVID-19 isolation

21.05.2020, Press release
Find out more on how slow lifestyle of self-isolation and remote work impact shopping in pharma categories.

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US webinar: No Distancing Required: Developing Effective Ad Campaigns in the Age of COVID-19

21.05.2020, Webinar recording
In a new insights webinar, the fourth in our COVID-19: What's Next for Consumers & Brands series, GfK explores strategic and tactical approaches to developing, assessing, and monitoring ads during the pandemic.

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Germany: GfK webinar – In the eye of the storm part 4

20.05.2020, Webinar recording
Sales channels in the corona crisis.

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US Podcast: Rewriting the Influencer Playbook

19.05.2020 Podcast
Listen in to a smart, up-to-the-minute discussion of Influencers in the pandemic era – their changing roles, the emergence of a new breed of content creators, and the pitfalls of sticking to old models in a time of upheaval. Featuring Jola Burnett from GfK Consumer Life, Jasmine Enberg from eMarketer, and Tara Nolan of The Conscious Connoisseur and Havas Media.

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Russia: Socializing and shopping after self-isolation

19.05.2020, Press release
When quarantine is over, what place are you going to visit first? Find out what is the future of trade centres, fashion stores and beauty services

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France Webinar: Covid-19: et après?

Webinar on 14.05.2020
Identify the new consumer habits generated during the lockdown and manage the new expectations of consumers in phase 2... Interested?

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Spain: Covid-19: Personal Care Trends during confinement

13.05.2020, Infographic
GfK has observed strong growth in some PAE personal care markets during confinement. Learn about the latest trends in the Spanish market with our infographic.

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Russia: Pharma categories performance during COVID-19 isolation and after

14.05.2020, Press release
Purchases of pharmaceuticals have almost returned to their normal except for Moscow and North-West region where the new surge in demand was registered

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Russia: TCG categories performance after several weeks of self-isolation

12.05.2020, Press release
Humidifiers and freezers are more attractive than beauty tech? -Find out more how Russians are buying TCG goods now

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Turkey: COVID-19 impact on Technical Consumer Goods market

11.05.2020, News
Turkey is among the world's Top 10 countries with the highest number of COVID-19 cases. The Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) market in Turkey has been significantly impacted since the commencement of voluntary lockdown in the week of March 16, with the Telecom and Small Domestic Appliances sectors in particular took the biggest hit in March.

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Russia: Grocery shopping. Then and now

08.05.2020, Press release
'Healthy', 'On the Go', 'Going Online' and other big trends in FMCG and Retail. How they change with COVID-19 epidemic

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Germany: GfK webinar – In the eye of the storm part 3

08.05.2020, Webinar recording
Buying behavior in crisis mode. 

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US webinar: How Disruption Is Driving Consumer Transformation

07.05.2020, Webinar recording
In a new insights webinar, the third in our COVID-19: What's Next for Consumers & Brands series, GfK will draw on the latest wave of data from its benchmark study of the current crisis – the Coronavirus Consumer Pulse – and provide context through our longitudinal Consumer Life trend research.

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Spain: Covid-19: Main trends in the Spanish television market

06.05.2020, Infographic
After weeks observing double-digit falls in the television market, consumer demand reactivates in week 17.

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Italy: COVID-19: online shopping is becoming a habit for many Italians

06.05.2020, Press Release
Starting from March, the penetration of the online channel for Largo Consumo in Italy has grown significantly. 37% of Italian families who have done online shopping in recent weeks had never made purchases of FMCG products on the web in the last year.

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Asia Pacific and Middle East: Master the COVID-19 Crisis webinar series: Understanding impact of the pandemic on your consumers and implications for Brands

06.05.2020, Webinar series
Join our upcoming webinars in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, where GfK experts from the APAC and Middle East regions will share interesting findings from the latest GfK Consumer Pulse study. Let GfK help you #MasterTheCrisis

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Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates: Impact of COVID-19 on the automotive aftermarket retailers

06.05.2020, News
Retailers globally have all been hit hard by the imposition of containment measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in their local markets. In Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, automotive aftermarket retailers have also been bearing the brunt of the pandemic's impact on the sector since curfews were implemented in late-March.

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France: Covid-19: Shock, reactions and dynamics

05.05.2020, Webinar extract
Download the extract from our webinar and discover how COVID-19 has affected Consumer and Market behaviors

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Italy: COVID-19: how different generations in Italy are changing their approach to digital

30.04.2020, Press release
During the lockdown, the share of time spent by Italians in digital tools related to communication, social media and streaming grew by 11%. With differences however between the different Generations.

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US news: 42% of US consumers think news about the seriousness of COVID-19 is exaggerated”

30.04.2020, Press release
While most of the US remains on some form of lockdown this week, many Americans say they still have doubts about the news they are receiving on COVID-19.

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Thailand Webinar-on-demand: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on global and Thailand retail markets

30.04.2020, Webinar recording
In this webinar, our retail expert from GfK in Thailand will present insights related to breaking trends around supply chains, point of sales, consumer behavior and consumer sentiments. A guest speaker from the Thai Retailer Association also shares his perspective and recommendations on how retailers can cope with the challenges during this pandemic.

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US Podcast: Changes in Lifestyles & Behaviors Following COVID-19

30.04.2020, Podcast
In this episode, Luis Molina gives us an overview of GfK's new US Consumer Pulse study. Understand consumers' lifestyles and behavior changes, what consumers think and how their behavior changes week on week, how the consumer purchase behavior is evolving, and how consumers anticipate their situation and behavior to be after the crisis.

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Spain: Covid-19: Evolution of consumer technology markets.

29.04.2020, Infographic
Download the extract from our webinar and discover how COVID-19 has affected Consumer and Market behaviors

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Turkey Webinar-on-demand: COVID-19 impact on retail and consumer technology

30.04.2020, Webinar recording
Reaction to the COVID-19 virus is upending markets and consumer behavior everywhere. With people forced to work from home, governments imposing restrictions on movement and businesses facing declining demand, the COVID-19 global pandemic is quickly creating a new, challenging type of normal. In this webinar, GfK experts will be sharing their latest insights and provide hard facts to help you understand where we are – and what might be coming next.

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UK Webinar-on-demand: How COVID-19 is impacting the buying behaviours and future intentions of UK consumers

30.04.2020, Webinar recording
In this 30 minute webinar chaired by Anthony Norman, VP for UK & Nordics you will hear Megan Moore, Head of Key Accounts talk about the recent trend changes we have seen in buyer patterns of durable products. This will be combined with the consumer view taken from our newly launched weekly COVID Pulse report whereby Neil Bellamy, Consumer Insight lead will provide you with insight into current and expected consumer behaviour and how this is likely to change in the coming months.

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Germany: GfK webinar – In the eye of the storm part 2

29.04.2020, Webinar recording
FMCG brands and trademarks in times of the coronavirus crisis.

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GfK India Webinar-on-demand: Navigate complex decisions with hard facts of Indian TCG market

29.04.2020, Webinar recording
In order to master the crisis and come out on top, you need up to date, reliable and accurate information to make quick as well as right business decisions. Join us for GfK COVID-19 Insights webinar as we reveal some hard facts on which sectors and product groups are hit first or hit the hardest in Indian TCG market during the pandemic.

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Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates: COVID-19 impact on retailer sentiments in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

27.04.2020, News
According to a retailer sentiment survey for independent stores conducted by GfK in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, one common major challenge faced by two-thirds (67%) of the retailers across both markets is managing operational costs. Find out how these retailers are coping with the challenges.

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Italy: COVID-19 Tracking: the trends of Tech products in Europe and Italy during the lockdown

24.04.2020, Press release
GfK analyzed the trend of the Consumer Technology market in the five most important European markets: Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

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US news: Consumers split on brand behavior during COVID-19 crisis

24.04.2020, Press release
In new GfK research, US consumers cannot seem to decide if brands are uplifting the cause – or looking out for themselves. Almost 80% see companies as “force for good” – but nearly 70% notice some are “trying to take advantage.”

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Global blog: Urban mobility after lockdown: Travel behavior post-coronavirus

23.04.2020, Blog
In this series of blogs, we have teamed up with MOTIONTAG and leading industry experts to help cities understand the new realities and opportunities in urban mobility after lockdown.

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US webinar: “Shopping During the Pandemic: How COVID-19 Is Transforming FMCG Buying Behavior”

23.04.2020, webinar
The second webinar in the “New Insights for a Changing Consumer Landscape” series will focus on learnings from GfK’s National Shopper Lab – representing 96 million grocery and drug store shoppers – providing a near-real-time window on the effects of the Coronavirus at the cash register.

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South African TCG Market— Shedding Light in COVID-19 Times

22.04.2020, Webinar
Cut through the noise and gain valuable insights to help you navigate through these uncertain times with the GfK COVID Lighthouse report. GfK's COVID Lighthouse study is designed to help clients navigate through these challenging times using point-of-sale (POS) data as well consumer insights to help predict purchase behaviour for up to 4 weeks.

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Indonesia: COVID-19 impact on Weekly Sales for Technology Consumer Goods

22.04.2020, News
Indonesia’s total TCG market performed positively in the first two months of 2020, with a reported value growth of 10 percent over the previous year. However, the top ten product groups registered sales plunging by up to 70 percent in the week immediately after the restriction was imposed—in week 12.

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Global: Consumers in Europe turn to tech to work, eat, and entertain at home during lockdown

22.04.2020, Press release
From week March 9th to April 5th (weeks 11 to 14), GfK retail sales figures track how consumers have progressed through different stages of shifting demand. These are GfK's findings for the global Technical Consumer Goods market.

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US eBook: Sustainability and COVID-19: How Today's Crisis Will Shape Tomorrow's Environmental Concerns

22.04.2020, eBook
This new GfK Consumer Life eBook takes a close look at the trends and behaviors around the virus crisis to see how they are likely to affect environmental concerns and actions in the days and weeks ahead.

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US podcast: Is Sustainability Important in These Uncertain Times?

22.04.2020, Podcast
Tim Kenyon of GfK Consumer Life draws on decades of trend insights to reveal consumer attitudes and habits that are driving environmental attitudes today -- and how they may change due to COVID-19.

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Global GfK webinar: Consumer trends in times of the Coronavirus: Shifting demand patterns in retail and e-tail

21.04.2020, Webinar 

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Global blog: GfK: The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behavior

20.04.2020, Blog
In this excerpt from a larger GfK report on Coronavirus and consumers, Diane Crispell of GfK Consumer Life explores the major trends and areas of concern that have already emerged in the crisis.

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Vietnam: COVID-19 impact on retailer sentiments in TCG sector

21.04.2020, News
The new year kicked off well for retailers in Vietnam who were still enjoying brisk sales in early January 2020 just before the Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays. However, retail sales were impacted in the second half of February by 15 – 20 percent after news on the Wuhan outbreak emerged.

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India: GfK Retail Insights on COVID-19 impact

20.04.2020, Webinar
With a lock down in operation across many markets, consumers’ buying behavior has changed drastically – and will continue to do so. In this 45 minutes webinar, our retail sector expert will share insights on what is happening at retail front and discuss about shifting demand across the tech and durable markets globally since the COVID-19 outbreak.

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US podcast: How Americans Are Handling the COVID-19 Outbreak

20.04.2020, Podcast
Karen Ramspacher of MRI-Simmons taps into the new MRI-Simmons COVID-19 Consumer Insights study and explores what purchases and plans consumers have postponed, what media they are consuming, and what new attitudes may influence their behavior with brands in the future.

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Russia: How coronavirus epidemic may change meat consumption in Russia

17.04.2020, Press release
The beginning of May used to be the time for barbeque in Russia. Will the epidemic make the Russians change their habit?

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US blog post: MRI-Simmons: COVID-19 Changes the Game for Sports and eSports

17.04.2020, Blog
A new blog post from Ben Paro of MRI-Simmons explores the dramatic short-term effects of the virus on sports -- and the potential long-term changes for leagues, brands, and fans.

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US report: MRI-Simmons COVID-19 Consumer Insights Study

17.04.2020, Report
MRI-Simmons has captured fresh insights into consumers' fast-changing reactions to the crisis. The COVID-19 Consumer Insights Study has revealed two distinct personality-driven segments -- "Nervous" and "Accepting" -- who are experiencing and responding to the crisis in very different ways.

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Russia: Top 5 best-selling video games

16.04.2020, Press release
While some industries are suffering because of the epidemic, Gaming industry seems to be one of the winners in the COVID-19 situation

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US news: POS Tires establishes Leader Panel, tracks COVID-19 effects at tire retail

16.04.2020, Press release
A GfK "Leader Panel" of US tire retailers is already revealing patterns in COVID-19 effects on sales in the independent tire channel. This source of weekly "sell-out" trends will help GfK guide manufacturers and retailers alike on key decisions during (and after) the crisis.

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Singapore: TV viewership booms during first week of COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

16.04.2020, News
The SG-TAM TV viewership measurement has recorded a strong increase in TV viewing in Singapore during the first week of the Circuit Breaker, with news and dramas attracting most eyeballs. Find out how much more time Singaporeans are spending in front of the TV.

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Spain: Join our next Web Conference: "Impacto del Covid-19 en el consumidor y el mercado español."

Webinar on 16.04.2020

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Russia: The Effect of COVID-19 study: 3rd wave results

14.04.2020, Press release
How perceptions of quarantine measures change and how they impact consumer confidence and purchasing intentions

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Malaysia: Covid-19 Impact on Weekly Sales for Technology Consumer Goods

14.04.2020, News
GfK Malaysia’s weekly leader panel revealed that demand for technical consumer goods in categories such as air treatment, rice cooker, and PTVs were still growing in the first three weeks of the year before gradually sliding downwards when the Covid-19 situation started to worsen in the country.

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GfK Consumer Pulse Report

15.04.2020, Report
Our weekly Consumer Pulse report is available in 30 markets and gives you insights into consumer attitudes, behavior, purchase intent, media consumption, and more. Find out more details on how this report can

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Italy: COVID-19: how exposure to the media changes in Italy, from TV to digital content

09.04.2020, Press release

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Russia: After 1st week of self-isolation. The impact on consumption and retail

10.04.2020, Press release
Discounters, liquor stores, specialized food stores and e-Commerce were the only growing channels

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US webinar series: “COVID-19: What’s Next for Consumers & Brands”

09.04.2020, On Demand Webinar
The first webinar in this series, “New Insights for a Changing Consumer Landscape,” featured learnings from our Consumer Life team and the recording is now available.

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Join the next France Web conference "Covid-19: shock, reactions and dynamics"

Webinar on 09.04.2020
Discover ho Covid-19 and shutdowns influence consumer behaviors and sales trends in all markets, from FMCG to media and Tech&Durables goods.

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Netherlands: How is Covid-19 crisis affecting consumers and markets?

09.04.2020, Study

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Changes in online media use in times of crisis

08.04.2020, Report
Which categories of online use are increasing and decreasing across Europe? Time spent on categories like News Public Services, Communication and Social Networks is up

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Italy: How the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting Italian market and consumers

08.04.2020, Report
Download the report from our webinar from Marth 27th, and discover how the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted on attitudes, purchasing habits and market Trends in Italy

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UK: ‘urgency buying’ starts to fall, and what we can learn from China

07.04.2020, News

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UK: total DIY sales drop off as store closures offset strong online growth

07.04.2020, Infographic

See the infographic

COVID-19: Shopping behavior in Fast Moving Consumer Goods in times of crisis

06.04.2020, Report
Read through the hard facts and insights from our experts on how the crisis has impacted upon shopping behaviour and the continuing effect it is having

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Russia: The Effect of COVID-19 study. 1st wave results

06.04.2020, Press release
Consumer Confidence Index in Russia plummets to its historical minimum, check what it means for the consumer market

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Spain: Positive impact of Covid-19 on Gaming sector

06.04.2020, Infographic

See the infographic

UK: Consumer Confidence dives during first two weeks of lock-down

06.04.2020, Press release

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Podcast: Coronavirus Consumer Pulse

03.04.2020, Podcast
Stack Bereck, leader of our Consumer Insights team, shares findings from two waves of our Coronavirus Consumer Pulse study in the US.

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Netherlands: Sales increase on week 12

03.04.2020, News

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US eBook: “Virus in a Viral Age”

03.04.2020, Report
Our Consumer Life team has authored a condensed version of their recent client report on the virus. This is a nicely designed and very informative overview of key trends in the COVID-189 response – from consumers and brands.

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Germany: GfK webinar - In the eye of the storm

03.04.2020, Webinar
Corona shutdown in business and society - How can social life be restarted?

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Russia: FMCG weekly trends in Russia

03.04.2020, Press release
Results of the 1st quarantine week

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France: Drop in turnover of Home Equipment in week 12

03.04.2020, Infographic

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In the UAE, exponential spikes in demand were reported for laptops and video game consoles at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak.

02.04.2020, News
While the increased demand for laptops can be attributed to more people working from home and new remote learning initiatives for students introduced by the government, the population has also largely been refraining from outdoor activities, which means more leisure time at home to indulge in console gaming.

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How COVID-19 is impacting distribution markets globally

02.04.2020, Webinar
Join our experts to go through the hard facts and insights on how the crisis has impacted, and is continuing to impact, distribution markets for tech and durables worldwide – together with a look at how the channel is reacting.

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Germany: How COVID-19 is affecting Tech and Durable Markets

02.04.2020, News

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Russia: Grocery retail trends: the fastest growing channels

01.04.2020, Press release
Top 3 fastest growing retail channels

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UK: consumer confidence drops 2 points even before lock-down

31.03.2020 Press release

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Spain: How COVID-19 is affecting Tech and Durables markets

31.03.2020, News

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US insights: Auto “intenders” and COVID-19

30.03.2020, Press release
Our AutoMobility research program interviews thousands of auto “intenders” – people who plan to buy or lease a new car – every month. We have added several questions to the survey exploring whether the virus will delay their car purchases, and for how long.

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Weekly sales and pricing tracking across major retail channels

Manage and forecast proactively the impact from disrupted supply chains or retail accessibility.

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Russia: FMCG trends in Russia: the fastest growing categories

30.03.2020, Press release
What categories are mostly affected by panic buying

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Belgian non-food retail behind closed doors: Online saves the day, except in Fashion

30.03.2004, Press release.

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UK: Durable goods sales up 41.9% in week ending 21 March 2020

30.03.2020, Infographic

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Belgium: did Belgians react to the COVID-19 outbreak?

30.03.2020, Press release

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UK purchases of Games consoles and Gaming accessories due to isolation measures

26.03.2020, Infographic

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Germany: Consumer climate suffering heavily as a result of coronavirus

26.03.2020, Press release

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Are Australians ready for the new 'normal'?

26.03.2020, Blog
Unprecedented restrictions will mean inevitable and fundamental changes in the behavior of Australian consumers. How can brands innovate and adapt to the new 'normal'?

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COVID-19 vs SARS—How differently are consumers in Taiwan reacting today compared to 18 years ago

26.03.2020, News
Comparing the impact of COVID-19 today with SARS in 2002 to 2003, consumers’ spending habits on technical consumer goods during the two outbreak have shown some differences.

Learn from GfK’s comparative analysis.

France: What impact has COVID-19 on the Consumer and Durable Goods markets?

23.03.2020, News

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Korean consumers increasingly turning to online shopping amidst COVID-19 outbreak

19.03.2020, Press release
The COVID outbreak in Korea has not significantly dampened demand in the country’s technical consumer goods market; but instead, has altered the consumer shopping behavior.

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Russia: Working from home and laptop sales trends

23.03.2020, News
Laptop sales grew significantly in anticipation of "working from home" period.

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US: 85% of Americans say they plan to alter buying habits due to COVID-19

19.03.2020, Press release
In new GfK study, three quarters say that the way companies act during the crisis will affect future purchase decisions

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GfK Market Pulse for China

19.03.2020, Report
Special market intelligence service with weekly sell-out pulse and bi-weekly insights on consumer, retailer and market to stay on top of developing COVID-19 situation
Learn more about GfK’s China Market Pulse

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US report: Coronavirus Consumer Pulse

19.03.2020, Report
A new report series tracking consumer attitudes and behaviors related to the coronavirus epidemic, with special focus on shopping and brands.

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Russia: COVID-19 has already impacted the global TCG market. Is Russia next?

18.03.2020, Report
Read our review on how the global trends in distribution chains may impact the Russian market

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Online shopping in China surges amidst COVID-19 outbreak; increase in first-time shoppers in lower-tier cities

11.03.2020, Press release
With the COVID-19 outbreak keeping Chinese consumers confined to their homes, consumers in lower-tier (Tier 3 – 5) cities have also begun to shop online, with twice the number of first-time users compared to those living in upper-tier cities.

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GfK webinar:
Manage risk globally with new 2019 CRESTA zones

06.03.2020, Webinar recording
Watch the recording and download a PDF of the presentation!

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When reality hits: COVID-19 impact on retail

03.03.2020, Blog

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How will Thailand’s smartphone and IT sectors be impacted by COVID-19 in 2020?

04.03.2020, Press release
The smartphone and IT market performance in Thailand is expected to experience a dip due to the COVID-19 outbreak as consumers are mindful about their purchases during this difficult period.

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Italy retail and market trends weekly study

26.02.2020, News

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TCG market in China likely to pick up in 2H 2020 amidst COVID-19 outbreak

26.02.2020, Press release
The Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) market in China is expected to rebound in the second half of 2020, following the projected decline of 18% in value (RMB) in 1H 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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