How to navigate external shocks like COVID-19 and come out on top

Welcome to our resource center, containing all our latest market intelligence to help you manage disruption and make the right decisions for success. Here you will find breaking trends around supply chains, point of sales, consumer behaviour and consumer sentiment.

Events like COVID-19 cause disruption on multiple fronts – but spotting the early indications within the noise can turn chaos into success. How do you quickly tune in to pertinent, timely business intelligence, so that opportunities and risks are seen early and managed effectively?  

We track actual weekly sales and pricing across major retail channels to identify the early signs of disruption and help you to understand the extent and timing of any impact on supply chains, retail sales and consumer behaviour.

In many markets we also add consumer and retailer insights, to show the factors driving those changes and how retailers are responding.

Our continually updated insights support you in making fast, informed decisions, so you can navigate disruption and come out on top.


GfK Corona Crisis Compass 

Steering a safe course through the current crisis requires reliable, accurate and timely data on current market dynamics. Based on facts from our point-of-sales and distribution network, our latest insights report provides an understanding of the current impact of the global pandemic on consumer behavior, retail and supply chains and predicts the expected outcomes.


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COVID-19 impact on retail markets 

COVID-19 will impact all retail markets, either through supply chain interruption as workforces are depleted, or through consumers changing their purchase behaviour due to mass isolation. Here are the figures we have already seen:


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Webinar on 09.04.2020
Discover ho Covid-19 and shutdowns influence consumer behaviors and sales trends in all markets, from FMCG to media and Tech&Durables goods.

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France: Drop in turnover of Home Equipment in week 12

03.04.2020, Infographic

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How COVID-19 is impacting distribution markets globally

02.04.2020, Webinar
Join our experts to go through the hard facts and insights on how the crisis has impacted, and is continuing to impact, distribution markets for tech and durables worldwide – together with a look at how the channel is reacting.

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Germany: How COVID-19 is affecting Tech and Durable Markets

02.04.2020, News

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UK: consumer confidence drops 2 points even before lock-down

31.03.2020 Press release

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Spain: How COVID-19 is affecting Tech and Durables markets

31.03.2020, News

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Weekly sales and pricing tracking across major retail channels

Manage and forecast proactively the impact from disrupted supply chains or retail accessibility.

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Belgian non-food retail behind closed doors: Online saves the day, except in Fashion

30.03.2004, Press release.

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UK: Durable goods sales up 41.9% in week ending 21 March 2020

30.03.2020, Infographic

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Belgium: did Belgians react to the COVID-19 outbreak?

30.03.2020, Press release

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UK purchases of Games consoles and Gaming accessories due to isolation measures

26.03.2020, Infographic

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Germany: Consumer climate suffering heavily as a result of coronavirus

26.03.2020, Press release

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Are Australians ready for the new 'normal'?

26.03.2020, Blog
Unprecedented restrictions will mean inevitable and fundamental changes in the behavior of Australian consumers. How can brands innovate and adapt to the new 'normal'?

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COVID-19 vs SARS—How differently are consumers in Taiwan reacting today compared to 18 years ago

26.03.2020, News
Comparing the impact of COVID-19 today with SARS in 2002 to 2003, consumers’ spending habits on technical consumer goods during the two outbreak have shown some differences.

Learn from GfK’s comparative analysis.

France: What impact has COVID-19 on the Consumer and Durable Goods markets?

23.03.2020, News

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Korean consumers increasingly turning to online shopping amidst COVID-19 outbreak

19.03.2020, Press release
The COVID outbreak in Korea has not significantly dampened demand in the country’s technical consumer goods market; but instead, has altered the consumer shopping behavior.

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85% of Americans say they plan to alter buying habits due to COVID-19

19.03.2020, Press release
In new GfK study, three quarters say that the way companies act during the crisis will affect future purchase decisions

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GfK Market Pulse for China

19.03.2020, Report
Special market intelligence service with weekly sell-out pulse and bi-weekly insights on consumer, retailer and market to stay on top of developing COVID-19 situation
Learn more about GfK’s China Market Pulse

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North America Coronavirus Consumer Pulse

19.03.2020, Report
A new report series tracking consumer attitudes and behaviors related to the coronavirus epidemic, with special focus on shopping and brands.

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Online shopping in China surges amidst COVID-19 outbreak; increase in first-time shoppers in lower-tier cities

11.03.2020, Press release
With the COVID-19 outbreak keeping Chinese consumers confined to their homes, consumers in lower-tier (Tier 3 – 5) cities have also begun to shop online, with twice the number of first-time users compared to those living in upper-tier cities.

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GfK webinar:
Manage risk globally with new 2019 CRESTA zones

06.03.2020, Webinar recording
Watch the recording and download a PDF of the presentation!

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When reality hits: COVID-19 impact on retail

03.03.2020, Blog

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How will Thailand’s smartphone and IT sectors be impacted by COVID-19 in 2020?

04.03.2020, Press release
The smartphone and IT market performance in Thailand is expected to experience a dip due to the COVID-19 outbreak as consumers are mindful about their purchases during this difficult period.

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Italy retail and market trends weekly study

26.02.2020, News

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TCG market in China likely to pick up in 2H 2020 amidst COVID-19 outbreak

26.02.2020, Press release
The Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) market in China is expected to rebound in the second half of 2020, following the projected decline of 18% in value (RMB) in 1H 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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