Because every brand knows that sustainability should be a top priority …

(but not everyone knows what to do about it)

GfK brings you timely guidance from breakthrough thinkers and leading brands

For many consumers, 2020 was the year when sustainability became not just important, but truly personal. “Green” activism is on the rise, with younger consumers leading the way, and today’s shoppers are looking to brands for more than “talking points.”

With every word and action under fresh scrutiny, many marketers are wondering: “What should we do first?” How can they elevate sustainability without over-investing or seeming crass? Can environmental concern even become a profit center?

Drawing on fresh research and conversations with leading thinkers and brands in sustainability, GfK has developed a handbook for brands navigating this treacherous space.

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“Rethinking Sustainability” provides real-world ideas and guidance on such key questions as

  • how can brands develop tailored plans for taking on sustainability
  • which issues and actions matter most to consumers
  • what it takes to be ahead of the sustainability curve
  • how to balance doing good and making financial sense when it comes to the environment

This easy-to-read guide includes

  • insights from sustainability leaders at Clorox, Goodyear, and Loftex Home
  • an exclusive interview with sustainability pioneer Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle
  • learnings from GfK’s latest (June 2021) What’s Next 4 Consumers survey of Americans, as well as the Green Gauge research program from GfK Consumer Life


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