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Supercharge your sales and maximize profits

All your sales and marketing relevant data at your fingertips with AI-powered insights and recommendations to accelerate growth.

Turn disruption into profitability

Markets and consumer behavior are changing faster than ever before. If you want a competitive edge, you can't waste time analyzing old data from disparate systems and guessing on the right strategies to move forward. You need always-on insights and expert recommendations to power your business. gfknewron is the first of its kind digital platform that gives you the insights you need, when you need them so that you can maximize revenue by reacting to changing market dynamics faster than ever before.

Outperform the market with always-on insights

gfknewron enables sales and marketing leaders to react quickly to changes with instant data and AI-powered recommendations.

Make faster decisions

Know your market to make faster decisions

Know what’s happening with your products, pricing, and competitors in real-time and on any device so that you can respond long before your competitors.

Analyze trends to forecast future changess

Forecast future changes

Artificial intelligence combined with GfK's robust data sets allow you to understand past trends and use predictive analytics to forecast the future so that you can react before changes occur.

Know where and how shoppers buy

Know where and how shoppers buy

Understand which online and offline channels perform best so that you can adjust your distribution strategy, create winning promotions and messaging, and partner with the right retailers.

Simulate the impact of your actions

Simulate the impact of your actions

See which products are impacted by changes in price before you take adjustments to market to ensure that you aren't cannibalizing or negatively impacting your bottom line.

See how gfknewron can transform your business

Robust insights fused with technology-powered recommendations to eliminate the guesswork and grow your business. Get a glimpse of your future.

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