Webinar on RegioGraph Highlights & Innovations

The new software version of RegioGraph is here! Learn more about the new features and key applications of RegioGraph 2023 in the recording of our webinar.

RegioGraph 2023: Highlights & new features

The new version of our geomarketing software RegioGraph hits the market at the end of March. With RegioGraph, you can create useful map analyses, plan optimal sales territories or make well-founded location evaluations to manage your operations and tap new potential.

Get a sneak peek of the software’s new features and key applications in the recording of our webinar from March 30. 

In the webinar recording, you will get an overview of the following key topics:

  • Connected locations planning
    Branch customer visits are assigned to a network center – across regional boundaries. See at a glance how many visits should be planned in the network.
  • Activity logs
    Sales territory planning takes place automatically in a new layer with a new area structure and is stored in the log file. This way you can track your work steps at any time.
  • Weekday territories
    Sales territories can be divided into weekday areas. This allows you to plan your customer visits even more efficiently.
  • Drive-time zones within area boundaries
    Drive-time zones are optimally calculated through area limitations. This way you can see exactly how far the employee can drive and achieve maximum accessibility in the area.

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