GfK webinar
“RegioGraph 2020:
Decide with confidence”

Watch the recording and download a PDF!


Where are your target groups most concentrated? Where should you restructure your sales territories for improved efficiency? Where can you tap more market potential?

Our new geomarketing software RegioGraph 2020 answers these and other “where” questions, giving you powerful tools for visualizing and analyzing your operations and markets on digital maps. Use these insights to make decisions with greater confidence and then communicate the results online with your team.

Watch the recording of our webinar “RegioGraph 2020: Decide with confidence” to find out about the new features and most important applications of our software.

You’ll learn how to…

  • … keep more data insights in focus when optimizing your sales territories using the enhanced planning view,
  • display changes to your territories at any time for a quick overview, and
  • … communicate results online with high-impact maps using the RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on.