GfK Webinar

Plastic waste avoidance - "Who cares? Who does?" –
Find out how buyers are willing to change their buying behavior and what brands should do

Recording and presentation available. 

Plastic waste is globally the most important environmental issue among shoppers. Brands that fail to position themselves in 2019/2020 will have a hard time keeping their shares on the market.

GfK surveyed more than 40,000 shoppers in 11 countries, and in each market, plastic waste was seen by the majority of shoppers as one of the top five environmental challenges. Shoppers expect manufacturers and retailers to take responsibility for the reduction of plastic waste. We show you different "plastic avoidance shopper" types to find out their main concerns and adaptions in the shopping behavior.

In our Webinar Plastic waste avoidance - "Who cares, who does" we answered the following questions:

  • Who should be responsible to limit our plastic waste? Manufacturers, retailers, government, or shoppers?
  • What can manufacturers and retailers do?
  • What are the shoppers doing?
Direct connections to the real shopping behavior in a single source by the Consumer Panel allows analyzing the connection between attitudes, desires, needs and claimed behavior with real purchase behavior.


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