GfK Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines, Germany 2022

Free compendium for online as well as brick-and-mortar retail

In Germany, more and more money is flowing into online retail: In 2022, the online purchasing power for six product ranges is higher on a nationwide average than the stationary purchasing power for these product groups. The clearest differences are in the information technology range. This is shown by the new GfK study on assortment purchasing power 2022, which examines the available spending potential for 17 assortment groups divided into stationary and online retail.

Per capita purchasing power measures the average available spending potential at the place of residence of consumers and refers to all inhabitants of a region. Although not all people consume the products to the same extent, a per capita designation allows a direct comparison between the purchasing power potentials per assortment and per region.

Take a look at the regional distribution of purchasing power for all 17 product lines, broken down into brick-and-mortar and online retail, in our compendium.