GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2021

Free compendium for all 42 European countries

The average per capita purchasing power in Europe in 2021 is €15,055. However, disposable net income among the 42 countries surveyed varies significantly: Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg have the highest disposable net income by a wide margin, while Kosovo, Moldova, and Ukraine have the lowest. Thus, Liechtensteiners have more than 34 times the amount available for spending and saving than Ukrainians. These are some of the results of the newly released study “GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2021.”

In total, Europeans have around 10.2 trillion euros available to spend in 2021 on food, housing, services, energy costs, private pensions, insurance, vacations, mobility, and consumer purchases. This corresponds to an average per capita purchasing power of €15,055. This means that per capita purchasing power has a nominal growth of 1.9 percent in 2021. However, the amount consumers ultimately have available for spending and saving varies greatly from country to country, as demonstrated by a review of the top 10 countries. 

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