GfK Population by Age Group, Europe 2020/2021

Free compendium for age group 60+


GfK Population by Age Group contains current population figures broken down into different age groups (in 5-year increments) and additionally by gender. These insights enable you to pinpoint the regions where your target group has an above-average presence. After all, this information is the decisive basis for key marketing decisions:

  • In which regions can new customers be won with your products?
  • How can you improve your direct marketing?
  • Which customers would benefit from further promotions, e.g. product samples?
  • Where should ads be placed?
  • Where is additional potential demand?

Download our free compendium now and discover our data for yourself. Using the 60+ age group as an example, we show you the regional distribution in 12 European countries. Know where your target group is located and where you can best reach them!