GfK Coronavirus Crisis Sales Radar LATAM

Five country spotlights to give you all the essential data on a bi-weekly basis. 


We know that navigating a safe course through the Covid-19 crisis requires reliable, accurate, and timely data on current market dynamics. Based on facts from our Point of Sales tracking, the weekly report provides an indispensable view of the tech and durables markets for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Perú. 

With near real-time facts and insights, we’ve designed it specifically to help you navigate these next few weeks. During this time, our analysts highlight the key movers each week so you know what’s happening and why at-a-glance. Each spotlight includes:

  • Average weekly turnover in local currency versus 2019 for the most important product categories
  • Retail sales value online and offline
  • Key take-aways into what is selling and where
  • Insight into where demand has fallen, and why

GfK Coronavirus Crisis Sales Radar