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The crisis may have completely upended consumer lives and behavior, including what they buy, how they buy it, and what influences their decision-making process. Are those changes temporary, or will they become the new normal? Gain unparalleled access to tech and durables insights to understand how attitudes, buying behaviors, and retail performance have changed so that you can adjust accordingly.  Move confidently into the future with your six-week exclusive access to our Consumer Insights Engine.

Insights for smarter business decisions

Brands need to track consumer behaviors like never before. Our Consumer Insights Engine allows you to check regularly and often on changing habits to answer key business questions and adapt strategies - both short and long term. It enables sales, marketing, and product leaders to: 

Understand customers

Understand your target customers

Know if you’re reaching your target group. Rich demographic and segmentation insights show you who your customers are, how and where they find your products, what influences their purchasing decisions, and what products they buy.

Increase sales

Develop strategies to increase sales

Leverage the best channels, refine messaging, inform product development and earn more business. Detailed insights on why and how your target group buys enable you to develop winning strategies that disrupt your category and market.

Adapt quickly

Adapt quickly to changing trends

Stay ahead of changes in shopping behavior. Clearly see trends by target group, category and market so that you can react to shifts in channel and retailer splits, adjust to changes in online vs. offline purchases, and mitigate any potential risks.

What’s included during your exclusive access period

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  • Key insights into your category, brand and consumers
  • Six weeks unlimited access
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  • Premium consulting and support

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Inside the Consumer Insights Engine

A look inside the engine

The Consumer Insights Engine provides insights at an unprecedented scale by combining point of sale data with global surveys as well as feedback from millions of online reviews. Using all of these sources ensures that you have the most reliable intelligence and can get a holistic, comprehensive understanding of consumer purchasing behavior. The dashboard is browser-based, so you can access insights immediately from anywhere, and it gives you the ultimate flexibility to slice, dice, and segment insights as you see fit.


How Dixons Carphone uses the insights

The Consumer Insights Engine has been invaluable in providing us with quarterly updates on changing customer needs and preferences. Dixons have now been using this tool for the past year and the insights from the tool have been appreciated across the organisation including teams working on ranging, and marketing campaigns; and it’s provided an additional dimension to the POS data.

The fact that the tool is easy to use and intuitive has been key, as it’s enabled us to roll out quickly across the teams - with GfK on hand to provide training support where it was needed.

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Amit Shah
Head of Commercial Analytics

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