If you know
how the new abnormal
has changed marketing,
you can change
your game

Report download: How to deal with changing budgets, priorities and KPIs in today’s uncertain world.

In the recent GfK-Campaign Asia survey Branding and Marketing in the New Abnormal, conducted amongst brand and marketing professionals across Asia Pacific, a massive 83% of respondents said they run some form of marketing measurement.

But are they measuring right? The Brand and Marketing in the New Abnormal survey report will share insights and intelligence around measuring, transforming and optimizing marketing ROI in the new normal. It will help answer some of your most pressing questions in the age of COVID-19:

  • What are the top priorities for B2C brands and marketers in APAC?
  • How often is marketing effectiveness measured and the methods used?
  • What are the top KPIs for B2C marketers in APAC and if/how those have changed?
  • Which channels are they moving their budget towards/away from?

As the pandemic continues to affect markets all over the world, branding and marketing in the post-COVID era has increased in complexity. Let GfK help you to understand how it’s impacted marketing budgets, ROI and effectiveness.

Click to preview the following sections of the survey report:
Marketing priorities & KPIs: What keeps marketers up at night?
COVID-19: Refocusing marketing priorities & goals

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