If you know
how strong your brand
contribution is,
you can strengthen
your sales.

Build a strong brand with sustained value

Not only are consumers more willing to buy brands that they know, understand, and trust - they will even pay a premium for them. Understand how consumers view your brand, how it compares to competitors, and how much your brand image contributes to consumers’ choices online and offline with our brand solutions. Benefit from brand insights rooted in sales reality to better position or differentiate your brand, to understand where to invest in brand building campaigns, and to take market-led actions that will ultimately secure and/or increase your brand’s contribution.

Our insights enable you to grow your brand

Competition is fierce. Companies that want to increase their market share need to monitor the health of their brands like never before. Our brand tools allow you to check changes and adapt strategies accordingly. We enable brand, sales, and marketing leaders to:

Understand your market performance

Understand your market performance

Quantify your brand’s contribution to your market performance. Rich insights from point of sale and consumer attitudes from our Consumer Panel help you identify your current situation and how to improve it.

Better position your brand

Better position your brand

See exactly what consumers think of your brand with detailed insights on where your brand sits in its category, highlighting opportunities to improve your brand positioning, as well as identify which touchpoints to invest in.

Identify opportunities and threats

Identify opportunities and threats

Get an overview of the competitive landscape and consumers' individual preferences to see how your brand stacks up. Quickly identify and mitigate risks, as well as identify opportunities to grow your brand.

Improve brand perception and value

Improve brand value and perception

Understand what drives value to your brand to activate your customers. Gain insights on how consumers perceive your image, how to improve perceptions to  increase your brand premium, and how to build a brand that consumers love.

The importance of brand on a company’s success

Some companies find it difficult to quantify how their brand contributes to business objectives. This can result in an under-investment in brand positioning, strategy, and understanding. Our insights show just how crucial your brand is so that you can justify allocating budget to brand activities. Did you know:

  • 25% (€873 million!) of all revenue from TV sales in Germany in 2019 is driven by brand strength
  • A strong brand like Tempo is 7 times more successful than the average for brands in the German tissues market at attracting consumers at premium prices
  • Brand value has a higher correlation to sales performance than a consumer’s stated preference across industries like FMCG and tech & durables.


brand contribution



Our approach quantifies your brand contribution 

We give you the who, what and how behind your brand – with insights on who your target groups are, what positioning will help you drive brand contribution with them, and how to best reach them. Our unique value-based tracking: 

  • Bridges the gap between brand health and business performance
  • Spans categories and markets for a global overview across all industries
  • Is robust with reliable, validated, and time-proven methods
  • Integrates with other metrics like your funnel, touchpoints, and brand KPIs
  • Provides one clear KPI for brand equity: Brand Contribution
  • Provides a deep understanding of the people and drivers behind your brand value
Interested in increasing your brand's contribution to business performance?