Have you checked your
brand health for the post lockdown economy?

Quantify your brand value to activate growth

Find out more about GfK’s Brand Performance Monitor.


As Covid-19 influences all aspects of commerce, consumer habits are changing in real time.

Now is the critical time to understand the relationship between your market performance and brand tracking results. Strong brands can have a stabilizing effect in times of crisis, and help you navigate unexpected sales trends.

Our Brand Performance Monitor connects consumer attitudinal behaviour with market performance data to help you grow market share, strengthen competitive positioning, and increase brand value.

Gain insight:

  • How much is my brand contributing to sales?
  • Is my brand attracting consumers?
  • Am I generating a brand premium?
  • What is the optimal brand building investment?

Back to reality with GfK’s Brand Performance Monitor

Whatever the development phase of your brand looks like we help you answer key business questions such as:


Market Performance

What financial impact does my brand have on market performance? What do I need to do to increase it?


Brand Positioning

What do consumers think of my brand? How does this link to market performance? How can I drive improvements in my strategic brand positioning with the consumer?

Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape

Where are my competitive threats? Are there opportunities for growth for my brand and how can I maximize them?


Brand Attitudes

How do consumers perceive my brand’s image?
What are my brand’s strengths?
How do consumers describe their behavior and relationship with my brand?

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