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IFA closing remarks – DAY 1 – Warren Saunders, President Strategic Accounts

Warren Saunders President Strategic AccountsIf you missed day 1, don’t worry!
Read Warren’s summary of the day’s key take-outs from brands including Qualcomm, LG, BSH, Huawei, TCL, Haier – and why focusing on Innovation in times of market crisis is exactly the right thing to do.
Recurring themes: Digitization, Omnichannel, Partnerships, Trusted Strong brands, Innovation.

Brands that continued to launch new products and features during the 2008/09 crisis increased their brand share in the long run"

IFA closing remarks – DAY 2 – Warren Saunders, President Strategic Accounts

Click through to see Warren’s round up of the key themes from the day. He focuses in on two of the biggest themes: 

  • tech-enabled solutions – highlighting examples from Miele, Hyundai, HONOR and Realme 
  • and being a trusted brand – bringing in data showing the latest consumer sentiment around the impact that this has

Warren finished on how brands can enable their teams to spot changes, make decisions and implement changes fast. 

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