FutureBuy® 2019 Podcast

Episode 1: What millennials? Let's talk about Boomers!

In the inaugural FutureBuy® 2019 Podcast, GfK EVP Joe Beier emphasizes the importance of activing against generational cohort profiles - not just in FutureBuy, but in all of their research.

With all the generational spotlight on Millennials, Baby Boomers actually emerge as the most unique group in this year's study. FutureBuy 2019 creates an intuitive yet enlightening shopping profile of Boomers, revealing them to be: 

  • Autonomous and independent
  • Less impulsive
  • Slow to adopt new modalities

Yet, Boomers still bear similarities in other key areas to the younger cohorts. Listen now to get the whole picture.

Check out Episode 2: New Shopping Modalities today!