Sample report: GfK FutureBuy® 2018 - United States

Revealing insights from GfK's annual shopper study 

Today’s shoppers mix and match digital and online resources at will, leveraging technology to find deals and well as the products they love. Staying on top of this fast-evolving world is crucial for consumer brands of every kind.

GfK’s annual FutureBuy® study keeps you up to speed on today’s shopper experience, tracking essential trends such as omnichannel shopping, mobile purchase, “showrooming,” and “webrooming.” 

Now in its eighth year, FutureBuy® covers 35 countries and 18 major product categories, from beauty and personal care products to major appliances to financial services. Ideal for sales, category, and brand managers, as well as strategic planners, FutureBuy® insights are available in off-the-shelf country reports, custom reports, and through the GfK Connect portal.

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