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Understand three key trends disrupting today’s auto marketplace

On-Demand Video

Insights on key issues facing auto makers, technology and durable brands

As they search for their next cars, today’s auto intenders are contending with powerful and sometimes competing marketplace forces. Several key factors are surging in importance, in the minds of OEMs and consumers alike – and how brands take these issues on may well decide their fates.

In an all-new learning session, experts from GfK AutoMobility® will dive into the desires, fears, and expectations that underlie these key issues, offering guidance on how car makers and sellers can respond and move toward success.

  • Affordability – Learn which buyers and vehicle types are being hit the hardest by today’s affordability “crisis” – and what the future may hold when it comes to pricing and financing.
  • Stay-at-home culture – Discover how work-at-home arrangements have transformed intender needs and preferences, and what other pandemic trends seem destined to be shaping the marketplace for years to come.
  • Sustainability – Understand what consumers really expect of brands today when it comes to sustainability, and how can auto makers avoid claims of “green washing” from activist consumers?

Join us for this rich and insightful discussion of key issues facing auto makers – and may other durable brands – today!

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