How brands can win consumers' hearts in the new marketplace

A GfK “What’s Next 4 Consumers” discussion & learning session

On-demand webinar

The past year has forced consumers to become more agile, more digital, and more frugal – all while dealing with extreme stress. They will bring all of these experiences to their brand relationships of tomorrow, disrupting long-term loyalties and creating new expectations across a host of categories.

Drawing on two brand-new GfK studies – exploring the changing nature of brand engagement and purchase decision making, as well as general pandemic attitudes – this GfK learning session will feature spontaneous, highly informative discussions on essential topics for brands today:

  • What is "normal“ now – and how long will it last?
  • How can brands create meaning – and value – for today’s consumers?
  • How has the nature of brand loyalty changed?
  • How should brands balance the risks and rewards of taking political and social stands?
  • Are the youngest buyers really as forward-looking as brands think?

Join us for this powerful and practical event!

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