GfK Webinar: Segmentation 2.0 – richer insights from single source segmentations

Define your targets
 with single source segmentations 


Recording and presentation available 

Segmentation is a key tool for Consumer Marketing and Category Management. It is used to define targets and identify growth potential. It helps to optimise assortments, communication, POS performance, and promotions. Last but not least – the segmentation is a solid foundation for innovation work. 

Often it is quite difficult to quantify the turnover behind the created segments, because one must rely on claimed purchase data or combine multiple data sources to get to an estimation.  

At GfK Consumer Panels we have the unique possibility to create Single Source Segmentations:  we combine (f)actual purchase behaviour measured in our panel with answers from our panelists – attitudes, occasions, media behaviour and category related questions.  

In our webinar you learned: 

  • How single source segmentations make your life easier by providing you with all data you need in one tool and how this improves the quality of generated insights. 
  • Why calculating sales potential of segments within the consumer panel has considerable advantages. 
  • How to prioritize your initiatives to activate your target segments. 
  • How easy it is to track your segments development over time. 

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