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Enhanced Product Content at ADI: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed

Training session

Enhanced Product Content at ADI

GfK Etilize helps you run your ecommerce storefront efficiently by taking the stress out of product content creation and maintenance. With enhanced (“A+”) and rich content, you can take your product listings to the next level, building relationships with your customers through compelling visual stories. 

In this training session, GfK Etilize will tell you how to leverage the ADI content system, uncover what ecommerce visitors are really searching for, and unlock the extensive benefits of adding A+ content to your virtual library. 

We dive into: 

  • What is A+ product content? Where should you start? 
  • How to grab your audience's attention when listing products online
  • How enhanced content can increase your sales at ADI


Featured experts:

  • Lloyd Wood, Director of Sales North America, GfK Etilize
  • Brian Hayes, Ecommerce Sales Executive, GfK Etilize

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Join GfK Etilize as they walk through the ins and outs of A+ content with ADI and give meaningful tips on optimizing sales.