The EV-Consumer Connection


The Electric Vehicle-Consumer Connection
A free guidebook for marketers

Even the COVID-19 pandemic could not slow the extraordinary momentum that EVs (electric vehicles) have generated in the auto marketplace. While sales of traditional models have been brisk, nothing has captured the imagination of consumers and auto makers more than EV technology – a juggernaut that brings together digital innovation, the sustainability movement, and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of cool.

Despite this excitement, GfK AutoMobility® finds that just 6% of auto intenders have actually bought a vehicle because of EV technology. So how will EVs outgrow their rarefied image, plus a simple lack of understanding, and begin to dominate mainstream auto sales?

Download this guide to understand:

  • The reality of EVs - What's needed for EVs to dominate mainstream auto sales?
  • Shifting consumer perceptions - How to balance to promise and realities of EV ownership
  • Attracting younger generations - Making Gen Z and Y comfortable with EV technology
  • Riding the sustainability wave - Tapping into consumer sentiments about the environment
  • Making it ubiquitous - How do we make EV technology an everyday thing?

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