How is Covid-19 crisis affecting consumers and markets?

Monitor your action plans thanks to key-insights on new consumers' concerns, habits and impacts 




The spread of Covid-19 has a huge impact on our behavior and consumption. For companies and decision-makers, it becomes even more crucial to measure and track all variations of consumption behaviors in order to respond quickly to this exceptional and unpredictable situation. 

Benefit from our weekly Consumer Pulse study 

Our Consumer Insights experts are joining efforts accros affected countries. So we are starting a weekly consumer tracker for the Netherlands in week 13 (March 23) to map the effects of on our lifestyle and consumption.

The scope of the study will cover: 

  • How consumers' top priorities change, the impact on institutions image and brands perception
  • the immediate effects on our mobility, our travel, our holidays and leisure time, our daily personal hygiene and food consumption
  • the changes in our purchasing behavior and intentions to buy in more than 10 product categories (FMCG and Tech & Durable goods)
  • available in multi-country basis (USA, Belgium, France...)

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