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Brand Purpose_Generations

Taking a generational approach to brand purpose effectiveness

Tailoring cause messaging and ad campaigns to today’s key age groups

Taking a generational approach to brand purpose effectiveness

While Millennials and Generation Z generally get credit for being the most socially aware generations today, brands seem to just be scratching the surface when it comes to targeting their purpose-driven efforts. Are cause-related brand messages resonating equally with different age groups?

Do advertising responses vary depending on the product or category? And do certain cause ads connect with Baby Boomers versus Gen X versus other generations?

Drawing on findings from The Purpose Impact Monitor – a new, ongoing study developed by GfK in association with Goodvertising Agency – this guide will help you understand how consumers react and respond to purpose ads across generations.

Inside, you’ll discover: 

•    The difference between ads getting noticed and inspiring action
•    Getting your message across
•    Connecting with younger consumers
•    Traditional vs. transformational ad creatives
•    Brand cues that deliver brand effects
•    The power of purpose & generations


Download the guide: