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Keeping up with the 2023 consumer

On-demand video

A fresh pulse on today’s consumer

We just passed the 2023 half-way mark and the race to keep up with consumers has left many marketers out of breath. In some areas, such as traveling, consumers have gone full speed ahead. But other behaviors, like shopping, have taken some sharp turns in unexpected directions. 

Join GfK Consumer Life as we check-in with today’s consumer. If you joined us for our Consumer Outlook session at the end of 2022, we identified four key areas for the year ahead. We’ll revisit these trends, discuss which outcomes are on track, and cover where brands and marketers should shift their strategies to catch-up.

Drawing on recent movements and using fresh industry-standard data, our experts will share insights around:

  • Consumer finances: Will they continue to wait on some purchases while driving record sales in other areas?
  • Societal shifts: Discover how can brands better align with ideology and other consumer moods.
  • Sustainability impacts: Will climate and environmental concerns continue to shift buying behaviors?
  • Experiential consumers: Hear how brands can respond to enjoying life, getting outdoors and other physical/emotional trends.

People are full of surprises. Download this learning session that will help you understand their needs, fine-tune your consumer strategies, and get a head-start on 2024!

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Stacy Bereck

GfK Managing Director, Consumer Insights & SE
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Eric Wagatha

Head of GfK Consumer Life