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The Electric Vehicle Purchase Journey

Get a holistic view of EV consumers and the journey they take to discover, consider, purchase and advocate your auto brand.

Connect with today's Electric Vehicle shopper

Accelerated by the pandemic, the automotive journey is increasingly digitalized, changing how buyers interact with OEMs and dealers. This especially rings true for the electric vehicle shopper.

GfK's Electric Vehicle Purchase Journey provides a full view of your auto shopper's path to purchase, beyond trigger to transaction.

Access this new study to understand:

  • Latent needs and influencers that exist before buyers are triggered to shop
  • Shopping process triggers and how functional and emotional needs factor in
  • Online/offline touchpoints usage and how influential each is on decision-making
  • Factors driving vehicle choice and dealer selection and when decisions are made
  • Post-purchase assessment, information sharing behaviors, loyalty, and advocacy

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