GfK Webinar - The secret to winning in the online jungle

Combining new data to bring you closer to your consumers’ purchase journey

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You know how important online is as a research and buying channel for tech and durables. But how much do you really know about the online world and how it impacts the consumer purchase journey? In our webinar we’ll help you understand what’s going on behind the keyboard.

You’ll see how today’s shoppers behave online in the research process and use online tools to make their choices. Our experts will also bring you closer to the topics that really matter to consumers, learnt from analyzing their reviews.

At the end of this webinar, you will have a clear view of how we help you:

  • apply consumers’ search behavior and “learn” their language to optimize your position in search engines
  • gain insights from lost shopper and competitor analysis to improve your website
  • refine your retailer and web strategy so your brand is present on all relevant websites
  • perfect your marketing by showcasing the details consumers search for

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