GfK white paper: Fit for tomorrow

Analyzing locations in the fitness industry with RegioGraph LocationAdvice


Whether searching for new locations or evaluating existing ones, successful location analyses require bringing together a range of data. This makes it possible to spot otherwise hard-to-see trends and relationships, giving you the insights you need to make the right location decisions.

Read our white paper “Fit for tomorrow: Analyzing locations in the fitness industry with RegioGraph LocationAdvice” to learn which factors make a location successful, what kind of data is most important for location decisions and which approaches are most helpful during the planning process. Using the booming fitness industry as an example, we demonstrate how successful location analysis requires extracting insights from company  and market data. RegioGraph LocationAdvice lets you bring together this information and then carry out rapid location evaluations when in the field thanks to online, browser-based access. This geomarketing approach helps businesses make the decisions today that will keep them fit for tomorrow.

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