GfK European Report:
Health and Wellbeing 

Get a holistic picture of the health & wellbeing trend in general. Get to know different consumer types, how they deal with healthy lifestyle topics and how this is reflected in their behavior.


COVID-19 has made health and wellbeing the top priority for many people. But consumers’ increasing focus on their wellbeing and their growing urge to take control of it began before the outbreak.

People focus on their health for various reasons: either they feel compelled to do so because they suffer from one or more health challenges, or they focus on their health because they choose a healthy or mindful lifestyle.

Get a holistic picture of the health & wellbeing trend in general and gain an understanding why this topic is more important today than ever before based on our longstanding Consumer Life study and insights from the Consumer Panel. Learn about health challenges and motives why consumers are concerned about their health and what it means for the market.

Get to know 5 different types of consumers and how they deal with healthy lifestyle topics. Meet the shortcutters, maximalists, improvers, holistics and particularists! Who exactly are these target groups, what are their motives and what is relevant to each individual type? How can you address and reach them? What attitudes, needs and behaviors do they have in general and regarding FMCG or technology products and durables?

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A 2021 report exclusively fort the DACH region is also available.
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