COVID-19: Weathering the storm

Rely on hard facts for sound decision-making in a time of crisis

We know you have lots of questions right now, and your brands and businesses need fast answers to respond to the current situation:

  • How is the disruption affecting supply and demand in the tech and durables categories?
  • How can I spot and mitigate risks, and move on opportunities?
  • How can I safeguard my business in the short-term?
  • How are my competitors coping?
  • Which product groups are hardest hit by the drying supply chain?
  • How are consumers changing their buying behavior week-to-week?
  • How do we spot when a market is beginning to recover? Or decline?

The current crisis may feel like a whirlwind, but there are ways for businesses and retailers to weather the storm by relying on hard facts to understand rapidly changing events.

Our Point of Sales (POS) Market Intelligence reveals what is selling, where, when and for how much. Our Distribution and Supply Chain Management suite provides insights into supply chains and distribution strategies. Combined, these solutions offer week-by-week hard facts into the impact of the global pandemic on consumer behavior and supply chains.

Be better equipped to:

  • Immediately identify changes: In market development, sales share, and sales team performance
  • Make decisions quickly: Insights are available shortly after the week is over
  • Take corrective action fast: Identify risks and opportunities quickly

We track the impact - you get the facts

GfK’s Market Intelligence provides weekly sales figures directly from the POS, so you know how consumers are behaving – and how and where they are spending money during this period. Our Distribution and Supply Chain Management Insights provides an accurate view of the entire supply chain including distribution and product data as well as direct sales.

Thanks to our comprehensive database, you can combine our distribution data easily with our POS data and utilize GfK´s common taxonomy, metrics and channels. Because we track actual weekly sales and pricing across all major channels, you can identify, manage and forecast the impact from disrupted supply chains and retail accessibility.

These insights will give you the latest information on the entire supply chain, exactly what distributors are selling to retailers, and what retailers are selling to consumers.

Navigate the crisis with a reliable ally

Now more than ever, you need timely and accurate data. GfK’s insights combined with our expertise developed over many years, plus advanced analytics and the latest data analysis techniques, can guide your decisions so you can take control, mitigate risks and secure business results.

You’ll receive fact-based weekly sales insights into the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on your own and competitors’ performance. Provided by models, brands, prices and channels, this insight will enable effective decision-making for production, supply chain and sales management.