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From AI to COVID-19:
The transformation of influencers in a culture of doubt

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From ultra-rich Hollywood families to 10-year-olds un-boxing the latest hot toys – influencers have taken on many shapes and sizes with the rise of online video and marketing. But with the rise of COVID-19, trust-challenged consumers have come to question the authenticity of even the most approachable informants, changing the influencer game in radical, unexpected ways.

In a new GfK Consumer Life ebook, Jola Burnett explores the dramatic transformation of influencers – their roles, their identities, and even their flesh-and-blood humanity. She reveals the significance of

  • COVID-19 effects on influencers and brands
  • a new movement towards “ugly” authenticity
  • the growing preference for expertise over glamour, and
  • the emergence of “synth” influencers – AI-generated celebrities who interact with real people and products.

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