Timely reports from GfK Consumer Life 


Global views

These reports contain information from our 2019 study and prior years, covering 20-plus countries around the globe, covering consumers ages 15 and up. Click on any report title to request access from the Consumer Life team.

The Mood of the World | 2019  In Mood of the World 2019, GfK Consumer Life examines current consumer confidence and other key indicators of the consumer mindset, including views about globalization, life satisfaction and aspirations for the future. This report offers a global perspective and is accompanied by a 180-page factbook that presents detailed findings for every market in which the study was conducted. 

The Values Factbook | 2019  The Values Factbook offers a perspective on values of consumers around the globe.  Consumer Life looks at how values are changing over time, and what this means for innovations in new products, messaging and communication.  This report is accompanied by an over 90-page factbook that presents detailed findings for every market in which the study was conducted. 

What you need to know:  How Money Matters  A global view on consumers and money, with a special focus on comparing high- and low-income consumers globally. 

What you need to know:  Disruption & Digital, New Trends in Retail   A global view on consumers and the changing retail environment

What you need to know:  Women and Wearables   A global view on women and technology, with a specific discussion on the opportunity of wearable technology and women consumers    

Reports focused on the US

These reports contain information from our 2019 study and prior years, leveraging both the US sample of our global study, our separate US-only study (which is conducted among 4,000 Americans, ages 18+) and the Survey of the American Consumer® (MRI-Simmons) 

Moments of Truth. The 2019 GfK Annual Presentation  What is true and real?  Who can we trust?  Where do we place confidence?  Increasingly, these are questions that many Americans struggle to answer. As consumers cope with a new and unstable reality, different priorities, behaviors, and expectations are emerging, creating opportunities as well as challenges for marketers trying to decipher the true direction of the marketplace in a fast-evolving, complex social environment.  In “Moments of Truth,” we unearth the current realities about American consumers today – and tomorrow.

American Mobility: Today and Tomorrow  A look at the multiple dimensions of mobility – physical, virtual, and mental – in the US today, examining the many ways Americans move around, the products and services that help them in the process, and the direction of change in the future 

American Homes: Today and Tomorrow  An examination of the state of American homes, how people feel about them, and what they do with and in their homes – as well as an exploration of the potential future of homes 

The Millennial Male Opportunity in Personal Care  This report examines attitudes and drivers in the personal care category and specifically explores the differences between Millennial men and prior generations

Market-level reports

These reports are specific to an individual market or region, and contain information from our 2019 study and prior years, which cover 20-plus countries around the globe through surveys of consumers age 15a and up.

Individual Market Briefs  For every market in our 2019 study, these reports provide overviews of all content in our study along with comparisons to a global market

China: Driving the Future of Consumption  Learn about this country’s continued appeal and strategic importance for global brands in spite of a recent economic slowdown

Latin America: Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow  A deep dive on the key areas of opportunity in a region that is more connected to the rest of the world than ever before

Millennials in China  This report examines the Millennial generation in China, with comparisons to other generations in this market. Categories covered include health and personal care, brands and shopping

Generational reports

In our series of Generational reports, we explore recent findings and key themes that make each generation unique.  Individual reports are available -- in Global and US versions -- for Post-Millennials (aka "Gen Z"), Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers, as well as a comprehensive report including all four generations.  



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