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Breaking out of the (generational) box

On-demand session

How today’s consumers – young and old – are defying expectations, and how brands can capitalize

Just when you think you know today’s generations, they throw you a curve. Digitally savvy Baby Boomers? Gen Z’ers who love to shop in stores? Millennials who enjoy gardening or yard work? The examples of consumers breaking generational molds are numerous, and each one represents an opportunity for agile and savvy marketers.

In this all-new learning session, the trend experts at GfK Consumer Life will explore:

  • how key generations are defying expectations – and how marketers can be prepared before it happens
  • how brands and retailers can leverage emerging generational trends into success stories
  • which generation is poised to upend the traditional playbook more than any other this year

Featured Speakers:

  • Rachel Bonsignore, VP Consulting, GfK
  • Veronica Chen, VP Consulting, GfK

Download the full video for an inspiring and action-oriented session featuring insights pros immersed in the generational space.

Download here: