Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles’ Day, Christmas:
Will you cross the 2019 finishing line as a winner?

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Most of the time it doesn’t matter if a consumer buys a product this week, or next, but there are some special weeks when discounting means buying now is essential. That’s why in the global technical consumer goods market, nearly 25% of all sales happen in just 10 weeks of the year. And one of biggest is Black Friday.

November sales events’ sales value growth

Black Friday week versus previous week

Black Friday week versus previous week@2x

EU5 = France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK
Source: GfK Point of Sales Tracking

Revenues on Black Friday are already higher than Christmas and the January sales, and we expect 29th November 2019 to be the biggest yet. Black Friday is a key promotion to embrace and optimize if you’re a retailer or manufacturer. And, of course, there’s more ahead in the upcoming weeks: Singles’ Day, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

Black Friday sales top Christmas revenues

Black Friday sales top Christmas revenues@2x

Technical Consumer Goods total – EU5 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK), Poland, Russia, Brazil
Source: GfK

Savvy, bargain-loving consumers will be searching for great deals. Are you ready for November’s big sales days? Are you equipped with tools to track and adjust your actions to maximize the sales opportunities? Can you monitor your competitors’ performance and respond fast?

Our Point of Sales Tracking equips you with week-to-week sales figures so you can get the most from the golden weeks of the year:
  • Understand your competitive market position on a weekly basis
  • Evaluate sales before big events to estimate promotional sales spikes
  • Compare your brand performance with your competitors during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles’ Day, Christmas and the New Year sales
  • Assess and adjust pricing and discounting strategies
  • React fast to deliver the best results during the golden quarter

Weekly POS data is the secret tool that many brands rely on to compete and succeed.
Andrew Line, Head of Consumer PC & Visuals 4P, Lenovo UK and Ireland says:
“GfK’s weekly data helps us to make key business decisions with full confidence and agility. With weekly data we are better informed to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly, and to plan for crucial sales periods. It allows us to act based on what feels like live data, capturing the core of our fluid and fast-moving market. Overall, weekly data gives us an increased visibility to plan our business.”

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