Beyond the Purchase Journey

Unlock new dimensions in today’s shopper data

Expand Your Understanding of Today's Shoppers

Deliver what they want and need every time.

Today’s consumers have come to expect the best – products tailored to their needs, websites that anticipate their clicks, and shopping experiences that are nearly seamless. What does it take to satisfy – even thrill – these extra-savvy customers?

Brands and retailers need to study and understand them from every angle, tapping into a variety of data streams to capture a multidimensional view of actions, motivations, and even unspoken needs.

In this video, GfK will show how you can discover not just what your consumers are buying, but why.

  • What might make them newly loyal to your brand, or leave it behind?
  • Are you delivering a turnkey shopping experience, online and in store?
  • How can you reach your most important targets more efficiently with discounts and key brand messages?
Featured Expert: Neal Heffernan, EVP, Shopper & Retail Strategy, GfK 

Watch the full video: