GfK AutoMobility™ Tech Insights Report

Find out what's driving your market in 2022 and beyond

 Auto Tech_2022

More than 50% of new-car intenders say they would not consider a vehicle if it does not offer the technology they desire. Among Luxury buyers, that figure jumps to 66%.

With so much on the line, industry stakeholders need a deeper understanding of the connections between consumers and smart car technology – from infotainment to electric vehicles.

The just-published 2022 AutoTech Insights report from GfK AutoMobility™ draws on exclusive research to reveal:

  • Most-wanted tech for all intenders and key segments
  • Auto brands perceived as leading in tech
  • Motivators for and barriers to EV purchase
  • Generational differences in car-tech attitudes
  • Technology impacts on brand loyalty
  • Autonomous vehicle acceptance levels
  • Environmental attitudes among new car intenders

The new report also offers a close look at the auto preferences and attitudes of today’s most sought-after consumers – the 18-to-22 age group known as Gen Z.

GfK is a leader in the automotive research space; its AutoMobility study is based on over 240,000 in-depth interviews each year. To get a deeper understanding of your market, fill out the form to learn more about the 2022 GfK AutoMobility™ Tech Insights Report.