White paper: The somatic mutation spectrum in immunotherapy

A market access perspective for optimizing product strategy

Active oncology immunotherapy has emerged as a viable approach to treat cancers by producing or enhancing an immune response against the disease. Two distinct strategies are designed to produce or enhance an immune response against cancer. An emerging dimension for predicting the suitability of each form of immunotherapy is tumor mutation burden and its implications to immune system and tumor cell response.

In this white paper, our market access experts present a predictive framework for understanding and evaluating emerging immunotherapy product strategies.

Juxtaposing immunotherapy strategies on a somatic mutation spectrum, the authors outline implications to:

  • Label expansion
  • Trial design and clinical success
  • Product profile
  • Pricing/reimbursement and contracting strategy

These factors can bring a predictive edge to market access analysis and can be the foundation for optimizing your product strategy.

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