Presentation: Innovation and UX

Recording from the UX Masterclass 2017 in Shanghai

Digital experiences have driven us into working in an agile way, which means constantly making small changes for innovation and the user experience (UX). 
But how do we plan for the big changes? Is there a way to know when these big changes are going to happen that will get us out of the agile design trap in a continuous innovation process?

Simon Pulman-Jones (Global Director of Market Opportunities & Innovation at GfK) proposes a new way to address this challenge.

Watch his 30 minute presentation from the UX Masterclass 2017 in Shanghai to learn: 

  • How to break the agile process to uncover the big shifts in your category
  • The five stages of product and service evolution that help drive innovation decisions
  • How to look to your users to identify category shifts
  • And ultimately to innovate and design in a digital ecosystem more effectively